Top 10 Most Expensive Football Stadiums In The World

Football or Soccer, whichever you may call, it has certainly blown the minds away. It is one of the top best sports that is loved by almost everyone regardless of location. Football has grown a lot in the past decade and, in the future. It is expected to grow further. Football has a team of 11 members in the field and they can hit the goal by using any of their body parts. But they cannot use their arms or hands. The game underlies the 17 rules, but this will be discussed later. Here, we are providing you a complete guide of the top 10 most expensive football stadiums in the world.

  • Signal IdunaPark:
signal idunapark

This is the most expensive football stadium and it is situated in Dortmund, England. The cost to construct this beauty is about $2 billion. To get a seat in this finest stadium you may have to pay $500, at once. But surely the place costs what it worth.

  • Cape Town Stadium:
cape town stadium

This needs no introduction. It is situated in the capital city of South Africa. The architecture of this stadium is very iconic and worth visiting. This iconic stadium cost $1.75 billion in the construction. One unusual thing about this stadium is that there are no lesser price seats. It’seither $170 or $250, nowhere in between.

  • Olympic Stadium:

It is located in Montreal, Quebec. It is the third most expensive football stadium. So, being the third it costs $1.5 billion in creation. If you have luckily got a seat there is pro tip go by the public transport. It is because parking can be a nightmare here.

  • Corinthians Arena:

This beautiful stadium is situated in São Paulo, Brazil. In the construction of this beauty, almost $1.5 billion were spent. The seat charges are somewhere in-between $100 to $150 obviously depends upon the lot you choose. Certainly, due to its beautiful architecture, it is one of the most comfortable stadiums to go for.

  • Wembley Stadium:

This red-themed stadium is located in London, England. It was built at a cost of $1.25 billion. The money is regained by the seat’s prices as it starts from $90. Moreover, if you are going by your conveyance then keep some extra money because the parking fee is $40.

  • Aviva Stadium:
aviva stadium

In the list of the topmost expensive football stadiums, it is in the sixth number. But if it was the top-most unique football stadiums it has been at the top because it surely is. This iconic stadium cost $1 billion to build. Certainly, the seat price is on a point that is $80.

  • Santiago Bernabeu Stadium:

How come a Spain would not be on the list? This astounding stadium is situated in Madrid, Spain. This ideally designed stadium cost $10 million in the construction. Watching football by seating there will be an unrealistic view. Because the stadium is designed in a way that gives a clear view from everywhere.

  • RogersCenter:

The Rogers Center Stadium is located in Toronto, Ontario. The amount spent on its construction is about $10 million. Even a penny on its construction worth it because it is beautifully designed and the place speaks for itself.

  • Allianz Arena:

It is situated in Munich, Germany. It cost over$800 million. Moreover, the stadium is listed among the most expensive ones of the venue that falls under this type. To enjoy a bit more you need to spend a bit of penny.

  • Emirates Stadium:

The top 10 most expensive football stadium is located in London, England. This is not just the tenth most expensive football stadium in the world but the third-largest football stadium in England. The stadium has a capacity of 60,000 peoples, which is huge.

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