Real Madrid Win El Clásico But Barcelona Are Barely Better

real madrid win el clásico

The two leading football teams “Real Madrid” &“Barcelona” are Famous For Many Reasons. These two are not just the teams but true rivals. The winning game seems on and off for both the teams. At times, if one does not perform well the other does and vice versa. Being a football lover you may know why a Real Madrid wins El Clásico but Barcelona is better? This blog will help you with this. This would be very informative for a Football lover.

What is El Clásico?

To know about why and how the Real Madrid win the El Clásicobut Barcelona is the best? The El Clásico is a club that is specially designed for the two rivals“Real Madrid” & “Barcelona”.

Here Are The Top Reasons Why Barcelona Is Better?

Surely Real Madrid has won El Clásico but Barcelona is better in many ways. Here is why:

  • Psychological Strategically Edge:

This might seem not an impactful edge, but certainly, it is. It is because when you have a PsychologicalStrategy you are more likely to perform well. Here is an example, in the last four matches between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Barcelona won all four, which left the whole team of Real Madrid in shock.

In addition, when Real Madrid was faced off with Manchester United and they lost it. But, surely now with Real Madrid, the team is more likely to score.

  • The Less Pressure Cause:

When a team is good and performing well, then it is more likely to see that the team may have pressure. The pressure is mostly of fans and the audience. Because anyhow in any game, you certainly would not want your favorite team to lose, is it? This time the team build a strategy and made a less pressure strategy that worked. And made them win the game.

  • Chemistry Between Players:

It might seem outdated but it is one of the evergreens ways that help a team to win. This is why Barcelona is better than Real Madrid as the chemistry between players is very impressive and chants how the team does better than others.

To have the best team you need to have a strategy that helps you to build a competitive team that has no match.

  • An Edge Of La Masia:

It cannot be denied that La Masia has made a huge contribution to the success of Barcelona. Most of the matches that Barcelona had won are due to La Masia. The club members of La Maisa have made a commitment to performing the best and they did.

The players of this club say that they will never leave the club and so, they are the constant players of this club. These incredible players and the club is the reason why Barcelona has an edge on Real Madrid.

  • Squad Goals:
barcelona Squad

One of the best reasons that why Barcelona is better than Real Madrid is its Squad. Certainly, the squad does the wonders. Many times the Barcelona won the match, which a Real Madrid squad can easily win is due to its squad.

The squad has made its club very proud and held many trophies that surely make a difference.

El Clásico Win This Season:

This is not less than any thrilling movie that will throne El Clásico? This time it is seen that Real Madrid is eagerly waiting for a win against Barcelona. If Real Madrid may make any change in the strategy then the win is certain.

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