7 Best Makeup Ideas For All Occasions

best makeup ideas

To wear an ideal makeup is a dream of every woman. Even if she had a breakup or just woke up the first thing she will do, will be the makeup. A fresh-faced makeup to the full glam looks a woman want it all. Here, are the top 7 best makeup ideas for all occasions so, ladies head your chin up and slay.

Top 7 Best Makeup Ideas for All Occasions:

  • Family Dinner Look:

Certainly, family dinner looks is something where you would not want to go high or too nude. But a sober look must be your go-to look. For that, go for a serum highlighter, light coverage foundation or BB cream, natural colored blush, 2 to 4 coats of mascara, and a tinted lip balm. And here, you go all already to have dinner out with family.

  • Natural Look For Day-Out:
natural look

It is taken ideal to look natural especially when you are out in day time. So, to complete a day-out natural look you need to apply a moisturizer first, then a bit of very light coverage foundation just to hide any acne or scar (if you have any), highlight your eyes with a simple toned eyeshadow just to look awoke, and then, at last,apply a simple pink tone (highly recommended) lip balm or tint to complete the look.

  • Professional Look:

It is one of the trickiest looksto stand out with. Because here you have to have a balance between a sophisticated and a bold look. So, to stand out with it perfectly you need a few of the simple things to complete a professional look. So, you first need a foundation and a high volume concealer to cover any discoloration, then apply a bit of pink blush to give your face a glow, apply a minimal amount of toned eyeshadow on a lower lash line, and in the end apply a good coat of mascara and berry lipstick to finish of the look.

  • Sexy Chic Night Look:
chic night look

This is the occasion where you can apply all that you have. To have a perfect sexy look you need to apply a primer, full coverage foundation, concealer (wherever needed), give your eyes a definition and opt for a smoky eyes,a full volume of mascara, defined eyebrows, contour your jawline and cheek bones, a peachy-pink blush, apply a white highlighter at the bridge of your nose and cheek bones also, a bit at the edge of your brow, and at last to complete your sexy night look go for the boldest lipstick you have either red or maroon.

  • Date Look:

If you have been to date for so many times then it must be obvious for you. But, if you going for the first time then here, is a perfect look avatar for you. Keep one thing in mind just do not overdo your look. Go for a high coverage foundation but make sure it does not give a baked look, next is to apply a perfect amount of blush, highlight your cheekbones only, contour a bit (only if you have a date at night), at last, go for the most attractive lipstick you have to but make sure it’s matte because you never know when you may get lucky.

  • Everyday Makeup:

To slay your everyday makeup look first you need to understand which your most prominent feature is either is it lips or eyes, then start your day look accordingly. Here is a tip for both:

  • Highlight lips: if your lips are the most prominent feature then start your makeup with a moisturizer, a light weighted but full coverage foundation, a pink blush, 2 to 4 coats of mascara, and a bold dark lips.
  • Highlight Eyes: if your eyes are the most prominent feature then start with moisturizer, a full coverage foundation, a light blush, winged eyeliner, perfect coats of mascara, heavy toned eyeshadow, and light-toned lipstick.
  • Weekend Look:

Weekend looks are typically the one when you are out either with your friends or family. Then to slay the look you need to go sober that includes; a primer, medium coverage foundation, blush, highlighted cheeks, cheerful eyes with a simple eyeshadow and mascara, and a soft lipstick.

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